activated charcoal mask

Masks for the face have always been popular, because the face is the first thing that everyone draws. If you do not care for the face and its skin, then everyone will understand that it is an untidy person. Therefore, each self-respecting person looks after his face and body. And how to do it with activated charcoal, read below.

Activated charcoal

Many people have heard about the properties of activated charcoal, the most famous benefit of coal is the purification of the body from intoxication. Coal has a high activity and in a short time absorbs slags, pollution. The big plus is that it is safe and consists of natural raw materials. Produce activated charcoal from wood of certain varieties: oak, birch, poplar, spruce and pine. It is applied in wide spheres, namely: dietology, gastrointestinal diseases, for water filtration, cosmetology and in other branches. This unique cleanser is required not only in the chemist’s handbag, but also in the cosmetics of every woman. A black tablet will help to clear the skin surface from blackheads and gums. Many people know the black mask, and so it can be done at home. Keep reading

activated charcoal mask

The benefits of activated charcoal

The use of coal is unlimited, it consists of natural products. The chemical composition of coal includes: oxygen, hydrocharcoal, hydrogen. In the compartment above, these chemicals are capable of a small revolution at the cellular level, affecting the exchange of processes, freeing the skin from various kinds of contaminants. Such a mask, which includes activated charcoal is capable of the following actions:

  • Affect the process of sebaceous glands, reduces the appearance of fat subcutaneous, so do not appear sebaceous plugs, they are also the main reason for the appearance of pimples, blackheads, and acne. Coal provides an opportunity to really improve the condition of the skin and rid it of unpleasant fatty gloss;
  • Blocks the foci of inflammatory processes on the skin of the face in the form of pimples, acne, even helps adolescents, reduces the area of their spread, becomes the main preventive means, warning of their further occurrence;
  • At a sufficient depth it is able to clean and narrow the pores, removing the rods from them;
  • Helps to remove the gums, to prevent their appearance;
  • Removes small wrinkles and smooths skin relief;
  • Will give your skin a healthy, smooth, velvety, even color, and eliminate the yellow and pale skin tone, if they are not the result of a serious disease.

Cleaning at home with a mask (black mask) with the use of activated charcoal will help eliminate visible skin problems, due to the high effectiveness of the drug, the blemishes that prevent each woman will disappear within a few days. The state of the skin is significantly improved if the procedure is carried out regularly, at least every two weeks. The skin is not just cleaned of dirt, but it becomes smooth, the formations are removed in the form of acne, black spots and blackheads. Skin cells also have to breathe, give them this opportunity and a radiant look you are provided.

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face mask for lightening the armpits

The armpits are a super delicate part of the body, so it is easier to be affected by our daily routines. The darkening of the armpits is a very common problem. To combat it, we give you this supernatural recipe to lighten the armpits with only two ingredients. Easier could not be, so you do not lose anything by trying.

There are different causes why spots appear in the armpits. These are the most common.

face mask for lightening the armpits

Excess rubbing with clothes.

You are wearing clothes that do not fit very well and rub against your skin constantly. In order to protect you, your body expels melanin (the pigment that gives color to the skin) in the area, which causes it to darken.

Bad decisions when shaving.

Not all skins are good at aggressive methods of hair removal. The wax, the rake and sometimes the creams are the main culprits of this problem. Remember that your skin should be lubricated to shave it, preferably with some foam or cream to avoid unnecessary cuts and rubbing.

When it comes to waxing, you should do a contact test. This area is super sensitive; if you do not do the test you can get to burn it by inducing the spot to appear in a two by three.

We must admit that clearing the armpits is not easy; it requires a lot of time and patience. First of all, a lot of care so that the skin recovers little by little from the stain. Keep reading


You can make this recipe at home. After 4 sessions you will see how the tone of your skin begins to change. Clarifying the armpits is a slow process, so be patient.

You need:

  • 1 tablespoon of honey
  • 1 tablespoon of activated or activated carbon

face mask for lightening the armpits

It is prepared super easy. In a bowl mix both ingredients until you have a uniform paste. Apply on your skin for 15 or 20 minutes. Be careful, if it irritates you or stings you, remove it instantly. A little itching is normal, but if the discomfort persists after a few minutes, remove it and seek another treatment. If you feel a lot of irritation, you may have very sensitive skin. I recommend you to assist the dermatologist to prescribe a treatment that will help you fight sensitivity and clear your armpits. Remove the mask with plenty of warm water and moisten with your day cream. You can apply it two days a week.

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Activated charcoal

Many girls like to experience new things, try new products; activated charcoal in addition to its economic price can help us in different occasions, from in the part of internal health, for the care of the skin and even the hygiene and whitening of the teeth.

This product brings with it several benefits that you cannot miss. Activated charcoal contains substances that help detoxify your body, and the best part of all this is that you can get it easily.

Activated carbon for Skin

There are masks for skin based on this product which helps to release all the impurities and excess fat that exist in our skin. These are applied to the entire face and left to act until it dries, then remove it with a wet towel or wetting your face directly to the water jet. Read more

Data you should know

When this product is mixed with aloe vera and essential oils, it acts as a mask for facial cleansing or body exfoliation. It helps expel toxins from the pores of the skin.

activated charcoal

Activated carbon for Teeth as new

We can also find this product to whiten in a very remarkable way our teeth, this product mostly comes in powder and you have to apply it with a common toothbrush and let it act for a few minutes.

In addition, there are pills and/or capsules of activated charcoal which are considered to be ideal to relieve some symptoms such as inflammation, that is, it serves as a gastric protector, take one of these before eating and you will not have that feeling of inflammation than to eat.

Activated carbon  for Anti-aging

The use of activated carbon helps prevent cell damage in the kidneys and liver, so it strengthens the healthy adrenal glands.

This product helps the main cleaning organs, thus assisting the body to eliminate toxins and chemicals that have an unfavorable reaction in the body.

However, you can consult your doctor before starting to ingest this product, of course, I emphasize the issue of taking the capsules or pills, but in the same way, you can take into consideration the other ways to use it (The face and/or teeth). However, many people have tried this product on their own and have given excellent results after its progressive use.

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Spray Tan Last Even Longer

Spray tans are more expensive than lying in the sun, to be sure, but when you think about all the money you’ll save down the line on anti-aging products, procedures to reverse the sun damage that has caused spots, fine lines, and wrinkles, and of course, melanoma treatments, suddenly they seem like the most affordable (and the safest) option for getting the golden glow you crave. That said, you want to make sure you get your money’s worth when you shell out the dough for this professional service. So here are a few tips to increase the longevity of your spray tan.

Spray Tan Last Even Longer

  • Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate! This is absolutely the number one tip for getting a beautiful, even application and making your spray tan last as long as possible. If your skin is the least bit dry or flaky when you go in for your spray tan, you could not only end up with streaky or patchy results but when your skin does start to exfoliate it could leave faded patches that make your tan look mottled and unnatural. For several days before your spray tan, you should engage in extra exfoliation using a loofah, a scrubby sponge, and/or exfoliating products like a sugar scrub, just for example.
  • Moisturize before and after. Once you have sloughed away dead skin cells, you’ll need to make sure that your skin is smooth and hydrated, and the best way to do that is with a good moisturizer. You can either use lotion or go for a natural oil product like coconut oil, for one. Just make sure that you apply it to skin immediately after showering so that it has the best chance of soaking in. You’ll also want to moisturize following your appointment (after showers) to extend the effects of your spray tan. Keep reading
  • Consider waxing. Shaving your legs, arms, or other portions of your body following a spray tan is a great way to make it fade faster. So if you want to enjoy shorts, skirts, and bikinis while your tan lasts, without stubble peeking through, consider getting essential areas waxed a couple of days before you get your spray tan. Or if you prefer to shave, do it the day before and the day after your tan, instead of the same day.
  • Skip products the day of your appointment. Any products you put on your skin, including lotions, oils, makeup, perfume, and so on, can have a negative impact on the application of your spray tan. It is therefore advisable to skip any and all products on the day of your appointment.
  • Let your spray tan dry completely. This is imperative. The longer the tanning product is allowed to dry, the longer it will last. Most tanning facilities recommend letting it dry for at least several hours before showering. But ideally, you should try to wait 24 hours, letting it soak in overnight. Just be careful with what you sleep in: the product can transfer to clothing and sheets.
  • Avoid water. If you want to make your spray tan last, you should know that water is the enemy. You might not be able to avoid showering completely, but you should try to cut back to every other day if possible and wash and dry gently to preserve your spray tan. And definitely, plan on foregoing swimming or sitting in a hot tub. Whether you pay good money to have a specialist spray you or you’ve assembled your own setup with products from Spray Tan Solutions Direct, you want to make sure that money is well spent. And by following a few simple guidelines, you can make every spray tan last longer.

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best anti-wrinkle eye cream for your skin

The skin near the eyes is the most sensitive and delicate on the face. Therefore it must be cared for gently and with care and concern. Many beauty products are even too harsh for this area of the face, but there are specialty products, such as under eye wrinkle cream that is designed with mild but active ingredients.

Because the eyes are in one of the most active areas of the face, they also happen to be in an area that gains the most wrinkles. But there are plenty of under eye wrinkle creams and beauty products designed to tackle under eye wrinkles, dark circles and the puffiness that is associated with either aging or just being dehydrated and not getting enough sleep. Typically, a daytime eye cream would aim to target puffiness and dark circles, whereas a nighttime eye cream would likely be for anti-aging purposes.

Mild moisturizers can be used in the area around the eyes, but specialty anti-wrinkle eye cream will almost always be better, as it provides better hydration and protection. Many creams have ingredients in them that combine to target existing signs of the past such as wrinkles and fine lines, while also helping to prepare skin for the future by repairing cells and stimulating the growth of collagen. Keep reading this article also

There are many different variations of under eye wrinkle cream, based on skin type, desired results, and ingredients. The best anti-wrinkle eye cream for you is one that does not cause irritation, redness or damage to your skin and one that you will actually want to use day in and day out.

best anti-wrinkle eye cream for your skin

There is no one size fits all anti-wrinkle eye cream, but you can start by looking for one that is based on your skin type. First, determine whether you have oily, normal, dry, combination or sensitive skin. (Skin type is determined by your skin’s ability to make oil, a capability that decreases with age.) Then, start reading labels and find out what the ingredients are in the product. Remember that more expensive ingredients don’t necessarily translate into a better quality cream, but it could mean a higher concentration of the same ingredients.

Whereas in the past, wrinkle creams were primarily targeted at women, nowadays, there are formulas that work effectively for either gender. Don’t be fooled by packaging and perfumes. Instead, get down to the ingredient list to find out what you’re really buying and what the true differences are.

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Get Rid Of Pigmentation

Pigmentation of the skin, especially on the face, worries almost everyone that nature has not awarded an even complexion. But proper nutrition, the use of special cosmetics and protective measures against the effects of ultraviolet rays will help achieve good results, look younger, fresh, feel more confident.

The causes of the appearance of freckles and age spots

If freckles are associated with the features of melanin production, the formation of pigmented spots depends more on nutrition, hormonal balance, and transferred stresses. The causes of pigmentation may be microtrauma, facial hair removal, and post-acne. After the peeling, aimed at cleansing and whitening the face, you need to literally hide from the sun, as the refined skin is instantly covered by an uneven, persistent tan.

Kisses of the sun

Even at the age of 4-5 years, many have vivacious freckles, which is also called the “kiss of the sun”, since childhood they cause confusion and a desire to get rid of them. From the outside, they look nice, give a cheerful and open appearance.

Known faded hero of the song Antoshka received a bright color of hair and konopushki by heredity. But their appearance does not always have a genetic nature but is more related to the metabolism of each individual, a small concentration of photoreceptive melanin. More often they are found in blonde and white people.

In winter they become pale, and in summer they become bright and clear under the influence of sunlight. The main salvation from them is the use of creams and gels with solar filters, whitening products throughout the year, protection from sun exposure to the skin, wearing caps, panamoks, elegant hats, and summer umbrellas. Read more

What happens if you squeeze out pimples?

Getting rid of acne often leaves traces: scars, pores, there may be a dyschromia, from which melanin saturation in a certain area of the skin is disturbed. In place of the eel, a post-acne occurs on a dark background. In order to get rid of it at home, you can use exfoliating masks, bleaching lotions, creams.

The appearance of pigment spots with age and during pregnancy

Rid Of Pigmentation

With age, after 28 years, there is a hormonal pigmentation in the form of brown spots on the cheek, forehead, chin, depending on the oscillations of estrogen and progesterone. Waiting for the baby is accompanied by hormonal surgery, a large amount of estrogen can cause the appearance of pigmented spots on the face.

Now there are many drugs that are safe to use during pregnancy, cannot hurt either mom or baby. After birth, the spots sometimes disappear, decrease in size or remain unchanged.

How to reduce pigmentation?

Today, a huge selection of protective, medicinal cosmetics is offered for obtaining an even complexion. Choose according to your taste and purse it can each.

Care for pigmented skin should be permanent and relentless. It is necessary to cover the skin from the sun all year round, to protect its drying, allergic reactions.

Protective equipment

Appearances pigment spots under the influence of ultraviolet can be avoided, only using creams and lotions with SPF-protection. For daycare, moisturizers with SPF 15 are offered. If you are going to the beach, then you need to choose the maximum protection of SPF 50.

Natural ingredients in creams and lotions

Some plants have unique properties, their presence in the cream or milk helps to protect themselves from the aggressive effects of the sun, it is:

  • Aloe extract;
  • Shea Butter;
  • Cranberry;
  • Olive oil;
  • Sea buckthorn oil.

Excellent properties of plants nourish and rejuvenate the skin, helping to preserve its beauty. Cucumber lotion, rose water are strong natural bleaching agents.

Care for pigmented skin

In many cosmetic brands, a line of whitening bleaching agents is provided. The main active ingredients are hydroquinone and acid.

Pregnant women are recommended special cream. They provide moisture, strong protection from UV-rays, are well absorbed, leave no traces on the skin. Contain ascorbic, salicylic acid, peptides, a wide range of sunscreen filters, special harmless substances that interfere with the synthesis of melanin.

Cosmetic lines whitening and lightening contain:

  • Active serums.
  • Night nourishing whitening cream.
  • A daytime moisturizer with filters.
  • Means for micro-peeling with acids.
  • Night masks with substances that interfere with the production of melanin.
  • Lotion-tonics against pigmentation.

Features of applying makeup

There are many cosmetic means by which it is possible to disguise dark areas. Makeup artists are advised to apply a tonal basis to the problem areas by a lighter tone, and the edge of the stain to shade. Modern tonal creams with filters from SPF 15 to SPF 30 will provide nutrition, moisturizing, straighten the color, make imperfections invisible.

It is recommended to choose low-fat tonal moisturizers that last long retain their effectiveness. Completely hide the difference in shades on the skin of water-resistant cream of strong correction.

How to achieve results?

An instant effect in the fight against pigmentation can be obtained only with the help of make-up, the use of tonal creams, concealers and powder. In some cases it is recommended to perform cosmetic procedures:

  • Deep peeling;
  • Laser resurfacing;
  • Photorejuvenation.

But the full recovery of the skin after them takes several weeks, a short stay in the sun can result in the appearance of a new persistent pigmentation. It is recommended that you do not go out at all during the day.

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