Benefits of activated charcoal mask for the face

activated charcoal mask

Masks for the face have always been popular, because the face is the first thing that everyone draws. If you do not care for the face and its skin, then everyone will understand that it is an untidy person. Therefore, each self-respecting person looks after his face and body. And how to do it with activated charcoal, read below.

Activated charcoal

Many people have heard about the properties of activated charcoal, the most famous benefit of coal is the purification of the body from intoxication. Coal has a high activity and in a short time absorbs slags, pollution. The big plus is that it is safe and consists of natural raw materials. Produce activated charcoal from wood of certain varieties: oak, birch, poplar, spruce and pine. It is applied in wide spheres, namely: dietology, gastrointestinal diseases, for water filtration, cosmetology and in other branches. This unique cleanser is required not only in the chemist’s handbag, but also in the cosmetics of every woman. A black tablet will help to clear the skin surface from blackheads and gums. Many people know the black mask, and so it can be done at home. Keep reading Activated charcoal black soap, the dark side of beauty

activated charcoal mask

The benefits of activated charcoal

The use of coal is unlimited, it consists of natural products. The chemical composition of coal includes: oxygen, hydrocharcoal, hydrogen. In the compartment above, these chemicals are capable of a small revolution at the cellular level, affecting the exchange of processes, freeing the skin from various kinds of contaminants. Such a mask, which includes activated charcoal is capable of the following actions:

  • Affect the process of sebaceous glands, reduces the appearance of fat subcutaneous, so do not appear sebaceous plugs, they are also the main reason for the appearance of pimples, blackheads, and acne. Coal provides an opportunity to really improve the condition of the skin and rid it of unpleasant fatty gloss;
  • Blocks the foci of inflammatory processes on the skin of the face in the form of pimples, acne, even helps adolescents, reduces the area of their spread, becomes the main preventive means, warning of their further occurrence;
  • At a sufficient depth it is able to clean and narrow the pores, removing the rods from them;
  • Helps to remove the gums, to prevent their appearance;
  • Removes small wrinkles and smooths skin relief;
  • Will give your skin a healthy, smooth, velvety, even color, and eliminate the yellow and pale skin tone, if they are not the result of a serious disease.

Cleaning at home with a mask (black mask) with the use of activated charcoal will help eliminate visible skin problems, due to the high effectiveness of the drug, the blemishes that prevent each woman will disappear within a few days. The state of the skin is significantly improved if the procedure is carried out regularly, at least every two weeks. The skin is not just cleaned of dirt, but it becomes smooth, the formations are removed in the form of acne, black spots and blackheads. Skin cells also have to breathe, give them this opportunity and a radiant look you are provided.

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