5 DIY Remedies for Common Winter Beauty Issues

Remedies for Common Winter Beauty Issues

We all know that winter weather can wreak havoc on our skin, hair, and nails. Whether it’s wet or dry, the chilly temperatures can leave you cracked, chipped, chapped, and frizzy all over. And the redness, rawness, itching, and peeling are only the beginning of your discomfort if you don’t find a way to fight off the effects of harsh winter weather. However, you might not be keen to slather yourself with lotions and potions full of chemical additives that can burn and irritate your skin even further. Instead, you may prefer to use all natural ingredients and make your own salves to soothe your dry and damaged skin, cracked nails, and frizzy fly-aways. And there is no shortage of ways that you can create DIY remedies with common items found in your home or the aisles of your local grocery store. Here are just a few easy fixes for your winter beauty issues.

 Remedies for Common Winter Beauty Issues

  1. Olive oil. There are few fixes better for everything that ails your parched body than olive oil. For starters, a small amount can be rubbed into your skin following a shower, locking in hydration. Just keep in mind that a little goes a long way. You don’t want it to sit on your skin and drench your clothing, and using it in moderation and within a few minutes of stepping out of the shower will ensure that it soaks into your open pores and stays there, keeping your dermis soft and hydrated. You can also massage it into your nail beds to repair damaged cuticles. And of course, you can use it to tame your unruly mane – it makes for a hydrating treatment once in a while or you can rub a couple of drops between your palms and smooth it over wet locks to seal in moisture in place of a serum. Check this article also https://www.workingmother.com/content/5-diy-winter-beauty-masks-and-scrubs
  2. Coconut oil. Although olive oil is great for dealing with all kinds of winter-related issues, you might find the scent of coconut oil more appealing. In addition, it tends to come in a semi-solid state, making it a little easier to work with than the slippery liquid of olive oil.
  3. You may value yogurt as a breakfast food or a tasty snack, especially since it is packed with probiotics to help regulate your digestive system and calcium that is great for your bones. But the live cultures and other ingredients in plain yogurt can also be beneficial to your skin and hair. You can use it as a hydrating mask for hair, but the lactic acid can also help to slough off the dry, dead skin that tends to collect in winter, allowing for clear pores and skin that is primed to lock in hydration from your other efforts.
  4. This tasty treat is naturally antibiotic, but it can help cracked skin in other ways. In fact, it is a great way to seal chapped lips so that they have time to heal and re-hydrate. You can also use it on rough or cracked areas like elbows and heels. Of course, if you let it crystalize you can use it as a gentle face scrub that removes dead skin cells and bacteria in one fell swoop.
  5. If your skin is feeling dry all over, chances are good that you’re not hydrating enough. It’s important that you go the extra mile during the winter, so bump up your consumption to at least eight glasses a day, if not more. If all else fails you can head to the Bella Sante day spa for professional help, but there’s a lot you can do on your own to keep yourself safe from the damaging effects of winter weather conditions.

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